• The Muse 118FSA/FSCA is a B&C loaded 18″ true reversible flyable Active subwoofer.
  • Built in amplifier of 1200Wrms / 8ohm 139dB SPL Black Finish
  • Compact Hybrid band pass cardioid-arrayable subwoofer.
  • Hybrid configuration permit to obtain extension and speed of vented with high SPL and acoustic filtering of band pass
  • Suspension hardware fully compatible with MUSE210La allowing the enclosure to be suspended front or rear-firing for easy cardioid configurations.
  • Subwoofer can be suspended facing forward or rearward and user-configurable with capability of front or rear mounting the grille and amp module for aesthetic uniformity in cardioid configuration
  • Very large area laminar-flow port to ensure no power compression and very low port turbulence
  • For cardioid configurations with one SUB rear-firing and two sub front-firing, more than 15db SPL rejection can be obtained behind the array
  • 18″ (460mm) custom B&C neodymium magnet high excursion woofer with 3″(75mm) voice coil
  • Frequency Response from 33Hz to 100Hz
  • Class D amplifier delivering 1200WRMS
  • 135dB / 139dB SPL
  • Switch mode power supply