Klark Teknik DI 10P 1-channel Passive Direct Box with Midas Transformer

Interface Consumer/Prosumer Devices with Pro Audio Gear

If you find yourself needing to sum a stereo RCA or 3.5mm TRS audio source — such as a DJ deck or mobile device — down to a single XLR output, the Klark Teknik PRO DI 10P direct box is the tool for the job. This aluminum-encased direct box delivers impressive signal fidelity while allowing you to interface consumer devices with professional soundboard, speaker, and interface inputs. The secret is an internal Midas-designed transformer that helps maintain the integrity and headroom of your signal source, even through long runs of cable. The PRO DI 10P is completely passive and requires no external power. Independent L/R level controls allow you to fine-tune the sound of your mono send — there’s even an Earth/Lift switch on the rear to help alleviate ground loops. All in all, if you’re searching for a stage-worthy DI box that can dependably sum a stereo RCA or 1/8-inch audio signal down to mono, the Klark Teknik PRO DI 10P comes highly recommended