Next Audio W6 6.5″ PASSIVE SPEAKER [100V|8Ω] Black


Low Impedance Input
The low impedance input allows you to use your speaker in 8Ω configuration for your small to medium installations.
100V Line Input
The built-in transformer allows you to use the speaker in 100V line configurations for your medium to big installations.
Ver./Hor. Installation
You can install your speaker on either horizontally or vertically, depending on your installation needs.
Easy Install
The installation is made easy with no high technical skills or very special tools needed to install your device.
Bracket Included
Easily install your speaker on the wall or ceiling using the included bracket.
Discreet Design
The discreet design allows you have an unobtrusive sound source keeping the original design of your venue.
  • The W6 two-way loudspeakers with built-in 100V transformer and 8Ω power tap are perfect for both distributed and near-field applications in environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bars, churches and gyms. The low frequencies are reproduced by a 6.5” direct-radiating woofer with a polypropylene cone, while the high-frequency section is based on a titanium tweeter. The speaker’s design with a waveguide improves dynamics and efficiency bringing out details in everything you listen to, while reducing reflections that can color the sound. A U-bracket is included and will support your installation on the wall or ceiling.